In 2013, I was sitting in a pub in Jersey City with Simon Garnier and Iain Couzin, remarking on the high concentration of quality social insect researchers in North-Eastern USA. So we decided to initiate our own conference to bring these people together to discuss their research. Now fully self-organised and growing, the bi-annual SINNERS conferences continue to be an invaluable and informal get-together for all researchers from students to professors in the field of social insects. Check out the facebook page or Twitter account (@bioSINNERS) for the most recent information on upcoming meetings.

Past SINNERS events:

2013: SINNERS 1, New Jersey Institute of Technology  (Newark, New Jersey)

2013: SINNERS 2, Rockefeller University (Field Research Station, Milbrook, New York)

2014: SINNERS 3, University of Pennsylvania, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

2014: SINNERS 4, Cornell University, (Ithaca, New York)

2015: SINNERS 5, Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts)

2015: SINNERS 6, The University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

2016: SINNERS 7, Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania)

2016: SINNERS 8, George Washington University (Washington DC)

2018: SINNERS 9, Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

2022: SINNERS 10, New Jersey Institute of Technology  (Newark, New Jersey)