Army Ant Living Structures:

The Conversation: Bridges, highways, scaffolds: how the amazing engineering of army ants can teach us to build better

National Geographic: Scientists watch ants put their bodies on the line and think of robots

BBC News: Army ants ‘mind the gap’ efficiently

Smithsonian Magazine: Army Ants Act Like Algorithms to Make Deliveries More Efficient Ants filmed building moving bridges from their live bodies

Sydney Morning Herald: Ant engineers build bridges for tomorrow’s robots

Science Daily: Army ants’ ‘living’ bridges span collective intelligence, ‘swarm’ robotics

Quanta Magazine: The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

ABC NEWS 24: 5-minute slot on live national television news (co-starring my ridiculous Movember ‘stache!)

Dr Chris Reid on ABC NEWS 24

Argentine Ant Problem Solving:

Nature News: Ants lead way to speedier computer networks

Journal of Experimental Biology Feature Article: Ant Strategies for Negotiating Obstacles

Catalyst, Ant Algorithms, aired on national TV 31/3/11

Scope, Ant Algorithms; Ant Navigation Goes Under the Scope!, aired on national TV 19/7/12, (from 3 mins 18 secs)

Sydney Morning Herald, Mite is right: ants prove to be masters of maths and mazes, (December 9 2010, Page 3)

COSMOS Magazine: A colony of solutions

ABC Science Online: Ants lay trail to complex problem-solving

ABC National Radio: Study reveals ant problem solving

Faculty of 1000 Post-Publication Peer Review; Reid et al (2011) rated 8 (‘Must Read’)

Textbook entry: Schneider & Gersting, Invitation to Computer Science, 6th Edition,  (Images of ants solving and resolving Dynamic Towers of Hanoi maze).

Slime Mould Problem Solving:

Nature Research Highlight: How slime moulds keep track

National Geographic: Slime Has Memory but No Brain

BBC Nature: Brainless slime mould has an external memory

Scientific American: How brainless slime molds redefine intelligence

ABC Science Online: Gooey trails help slime moulds to navigate

COSMOS Magazine: Brainless slime mould navigates using ‘memory

Discover Magazine: Brainless creature solves problems with memories of slime

Wired Science: Slime Mold’s Powers of Recall Hint at Origin of Memory

ScienceNews: Pulsing blob makes memories sans brain

Faculty of 1000 Post-Publication Peer Review; Reid et al (2013) Behavioral Ecology 24:4, 812-818

Behavioural Ecology and Evolution Podcast interview

Diffusion Radio interview